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  1. Ecommerce sellers count on cash-flow gains from GST cut
  2. Options for correction of mistakes in past income tax returns
  3. Section 54F: Avoid capital gains tax on jewellery sale with house buy
  4. E-verification of ITRs: mismatches and mistakes 
  5. Salaried but have sizeable other incomes?  You have to pay advance tax 
  6. Trusts fear new tax to shrink coffers, hurt charity work 
  7. Tax demand waiver: Income tax dept can waive off demand about Rs. 1 lakh in these cases 
  8. Tax Savings: Give loan, not gift, to spouse to avoid income clubbing 
  9. Businesses navigate new tax law impacting MSE payments, seek government intervention
  10. Tax loss harvesting-reduce tax liability, improve quality of portfolio 
  11. Missed Dec 31 ITR deadline? Apply for condonation of delay at the earliest 
  12. Should charity be done directly or through a trust? 
  13. Indexation and cost of acquisition of an under-construction property
  14. Defer your tax liability from ESOPs by extending exercise period
  15. Review penalty for non-disclosure of foreign assets
  16. I am a senior citizen holding Income Tax records for 40years. Am I supposed to keep them forever? 
  17. Correct errors and omissions in income-tax return with updated return 
  18. Revised Return: File to rectify errors, omissions in original ITR 
  19. The Math: Save on GST by not buying that popcorn and movie combo 
  20. Tax on reduction of capital: Here's how shareholders will get affected 
  21. 3 ways to avoid the 20% TCS on overseas tour packages, effective July 1, 2023 
  22. Craft convincing response to tax notice, backed by relevant response 
  23. Decoding the tax exempt status of encashed leave 
  24. Here are the tax risks of being a joint holder 
  25. Are the tax payers unwittingly giving an interest-free loan to the government? 
  26. Credit card payments under LRS : You will have to pay 20% TCS on these transactions from July 1,2023 
  27. Donations made to move to lower tax slab can make taxman see red 
  28. Housing and the budget impact on redevelopment 
  29. Capital Gains: Investement cut-off date extended, but there's a catch 
  30. Can India's tax systems override its tax laws? 
  31. The deadline to file updated income tax return is March 31,2023 
  32. Tax payer's dilemma: Conflicts between tax laws and FEMA 
  33. Is the double taxation on buyback of listed shares still required? 
  34. Tax deduction on perquisites or benefits received 
  35. Inordinate delay in income tax appeal hearings  
  36. How to disclose foreign stocks in your I-T Returns  
  37. Disclosure of foreign assets in I-T Returns  
  38. A comparison of PMS,MF & AIF for taxation purpose  
  39. How to calculate acquisition cost for a new house 
  40. How can you prevent loss of TDS credit 
  41. Faceless taxation regime-Are you being heard by the tax authorities?
  42. What are the tax rules for foreign retirement  accounts?
  43. Are dividend stripping and bonus stripping provision really required?
  44. Happy belated returns  from I-T Dept, but only if you pay up the extra tax
  45. Do you think income tax penalties in India are a bit too harsh?
  46. TDS is charged on higher rates from non-filers
  47. How to gain from grandfathering provisions on LTCG
  48. The procedures for overseas remittances vary
  49. Is it better to directly invest in overseas stock?
  50. Why is filing of tax return complex a task?
  51. Take care of tax treatment of interest on loans taken to purchase shares
  52. Are Portfolio Management Fees Tax Deductible?
  53. Shouldn't Income Tax be payable only on Income?
  54. Tax Department must introspect on failure in technology department
  55. How is income from Reits and InvIT taxed
  56. Pre-filled returns of income could prove to be a headache for taxpayers
  57. Plenty of issues hinder faceless tax assessment
  58. Beware of taxes when buying bonus preference shares
  59. Decoding CBDTs clarification on non-residents
  60. New taxation provisions will definitely affect the popularity of Ulips
  61. For individual taxpayers, no big relief in budget
  62. The problems taxpayers face in getting credit for tax deducted at source
  63. Frequent stock trading may mean your gains are treated as business income
  64. Govts interest relief may add to your tax liability
  65. Need to enforce new tax charter at the earliest
  66. Solving tax issues in a time-bound manner is a must
  67. Real test for new tax assessment plan is execution
  68. How waiver or fall in rent may impact your tax liability
  69. Interest paid on refinanced loan may get tax break
  70. Money you give as charity is taxable for Covid victims
  71. Difficulties taxpayers may face in estimating advance tax liability for June
  72. How proceeds from the units of discontinued mutual funds will be taxed
  73. Revisit stock, MF portfolios as DDT rules change
  74. Budget fails to give significant relief in the form of taxes or procedur...
  75. Disclosure requirements in tax return forms are becoming too intrusive
  76. The dice seem to be loaded against the taxpayers when it comes to appeal...
  77. Will the Budget ensure there are fewer amendments to tax laws in future....
  1. How you can prove source of cash deposits to escape income tax scrutiny
  2. Will centralised e-assessment scheme be a gamechanger for tax dept
  3. Will increase in compliance for individuals and businesses boost economy
  4. You may not get tax refund if you havent validated your bank account
  5. Common taxpayers suffered this tax filing season due to frequent changes
  6. Taxing gifts made overseas may be govts way to check illegal transactions
  7. Revised tax surcharge doesnt only have wealthy individuals in its ambit
  8. Should you rush to create a private trust for the benefit of your family
  9. Capital loss on investments due to debt crisis begs for better tax clarity
  10. No capital gains tax liability on creation of side-pocket in a mutual fund
  11. Uncertainty surrounds taxation of physically settled derivatives
  12. Why should compliant taxpayers pay for the sins of a few tax evaders"
  13. Why income-tax department needs to streamline the reassessment process
  14. Taking a loan from a relative is not that simple
  15. Its not always possbile to claim exemption without investing in CGAS
  16. Budget for low income, middle class taxpayers
  17. How will LTCG benefit work as per new laws
  18. When political battles result in bad tax laws
  19. Burden of angel tax for start-up investors
  20. Hiding overseas income is tough these days
  21. Can Esop income be taxed as capital gains
  22. Should you use home sale value to get tax break
  23. LTCG exemption on building new house tricky
  24. The only receipt that remains tax-exempt
  25. When stamp duty is treated as sale price
  26. Are suggestions to abolish Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) justified
  27. Why cant taxpayers adjust their refunds
  28. Can taxpayers expect fair appeal process
  29. How new benami law can penalise genuine deals
  30. Problems sellers of incomplete houses face
  31. Taxman should move towards limited scrutiny
  32. Taking up foreign citizenship may not help you save taxes in India.Here's why
  33. How standard deduction will apply on pensioners income
  34. Why such errors in processing tax returns
  35. Tax on allotment of shares by start-up firms
  36. Taxmen keeping an eye on illicit deposits in India
  37. LTCG tax- how will the new provisions really work
  38. Time for stock market-related tax exemptions to go
  39. Provident fund interest earned after retirement can be taxed