Practice Areas

A wide range of practice areas are covered to help our customers mitigate the risks of an ever-changing business environment. Spearheaded by service and sector specialists, each service vertical is backed by a highly analytical team of driven individuals that ensure clients grow in a competent and unified manner


With the rapid increase in multi-national companies operating in India, came the need to reconcile or re-cast financials of the Indian counterparts (prepared in accordance with Indian GAAP) as per internationally accepted financial reporting standards. Indian businesses have had to gear up in understanding the intricacies of these international financial reporting standards with the ever-increasing focus on quality and transparency of such financial reporting in order to provide reliable financial statements to its parent entity for consolidation purposes.

CNK advises and assists all its multi-national clients on various aspects of the financial statements under different GAAP. 

These services include:

  • Advising and assisting in conversion of Indian GAAP compliant accounts to IFRS or US GAAP;
  • Reconciliation of Indian GAAP compliant accounts with accounts under IFRS or US GAAP;
  • Advising clients on Foreign Group reporting pack of accounting data and assisting them in complying with requirements from global auditors;
  • Conducting customized training workshops for client’s employees to enable them to build in-house capabilities in understanding the intricacies under IFRS