Practice Areas

A wide range of practice areas are covered to help our customers mitigate the risks of an ever-changing business environment. Spearheaded by service and sector specialists, each service vertical is backed by a highly analytical team of driven individuals that ensure clients grow in a competent and unified manner

Transaction Advisory

With heightened economic activity, liberalization of economy and deregularization of foreign exchange policy, many businesses choose to grow inorganically with a view to gain immediate access to new markets or new products or new technologies or to cut competition or increase their market share.

Mergers and acquisitions have gained prominence over the years and are considered as important engines for growth, which enable businesses to consolidate or expand into uncharted territories.

We provide end-to-end advisory and assistance in implementing the desired transaction from a commercial stand-point as well as from a tax and regulatory perspective. We also work closely with law firms to provide seamless services to our clients.

Our ability to understand the dynamics of the transaction coupled with our prior first-hand experience of dealing with such matters and our in-depth knowledge of tax and regulatory matters enable us to provide holistic solutions to our clients and also help our clients to successfully navigate
through the transaction with relative ease. We hand-hold our clients right from the stage of entering into a term sheet until the execution of definitive documents; advising and assisting them all along with negotiations, due diligence matters and valuation aspects.

Our insights and understanding of our clients and their business have been found to be very helpful in devising appropriate exit strategies for Promoters.

We are sector agnostic and have the experience of dealing in transactions of all sizes.

Our wide range of services in this area includes the following:

  • Advisory and assistance with commercial negotiations and finalization of term sheets;
  • Conceptualizing the deal structure from a tax and regulatory perspective, including evaluation of various options by way of share purchase/buy-back/capital reduction, funding options for share purchase/capital infusion into the target entity, mergers, demergers, slump sale;
  • End-to-end deal support and advisory;
  • Transaction advisory and opinions (both buy and sell side) from a tax and regulatory perspective, including advice on earn-outs, non-compete fees for Promoters, tax implications on sale of shares and repatriation of profits;
  • Due diligence services (Financial & Tax);
  • Valuation;
  • Review of transaction documents and working closely with law firms during the entire transaction;
  • Transaction implementation services.